What is the CBE Mentoring Program?

The mentoring program offered by the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is designed to provide undergraduate students with an opportunity to supplement their formal education by gaining knowledge and support from mentors knowledgeable in careers in chemical engineering. All mentors are graduates of the University of Iowa CBE program and are experienced in working in industry or academia. The mentors share their real world knowledge and experience, advise students on how to successfully navigate the CBE curriculum, and counsel students in the areas of career planning, resume preparation, interviewing, internships, networking opportunities, and more.  Our mentoring program pairs each participating undergraduate student with a single mentor allowing for the development of individualized relationships during the student's time at Iowa and beyond.  Our program has grown to nearly 70 mentors and 100 mentees. We encourage each and every student to be a part of this valuable program! 

How are Mentors Paired with Mentees?

Mentor/mentee pairings are assigned by matching mentor expertise with mentee Elective Focus Area(s). Updated pairings will be distributed via email at the start of the fall and spring semesters.  Students commonly apply to the mentoring program in the fall of their sophomore year and will receive their pairing around October of the year they apply.  However, students can apply at any time during their undergraduate career and will be paired and notified of their mentor shortly after submission of their application.  

Mentors generally contact mentees at least once each in fall and spring semesters, and mentees can proactively contact their mentor at any time. The intention of the mentor/mentee pairing is that mentors and students develop regular and effective ongoing communications from the start of pairing through to graduation.

Please contact the CBE Administrative Office or the Mentoring Coordinator if you are unsure of your mentor/mentee, if you have trouble contacting your mentor/mentee, and/or to request a new mentor. 

NOTE: Mentor/Mentee pairings are not listed on this website due to privacy considerations.

How do I sign up for the Mentoring Program?

Joining the mentoring program is easy! Just fill out an application below!

Mentoring Program Applications:


Mentor Program Collaboration Site

The CBE Mentor Program Collaboration Site is a resource for both mentors and mentees. Edited by mentors and viewable by both mentors and mentees, the document provides answers to frequently asked questions, job opportunities, book recommendations, and more.

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