Everyone enjoys being acknowledged and appreciated.  Sometimes even the simplest act of gratitude can change someone’s entire day.
– Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Program Details

In alignment with the strategic plan of the College of Engineering (CoE), the Thank You Recognition Program fulfills the goal of creating an environment in which all members of the collegiate community—students, staff, and faculty—are welcomed, supported and able to thrive.

The purpose of this program is to recognize a CoE faculty or staff member who has gone above and beyond to create this collegiate community. Recognition is acknowledged with a thank you note sent on behalf of the nominator and the staff recognition committee, written and signed by the dean. 

The guiding principles of this program include:

  • Anyone may submit a thank you recognition form.
  • All current CoE faculty and staff are eligible to receive a recognition thank you card.
  • Recognition forms will be submitted electronically, and the nominator will receive an electronic acknowledgment.
  • Recipients will be listed on the CoE Human Resources website.
  • Recipients will be recognized at the annual staff recognition event.
  • Documentation of this recognition will be added to the recipient's ePersonnel file and may be included in their annual performance review.

Thank a CoE faculty or staff member

Lisa Lang

Lisa Lang

Iowa Technology Institute

"Lisa was part of the project team to determine the feasibility of a single application that can be leveraged across the college that meets the needs of both center/institute and non-institute researchers and allows for multiple IT staff across the college to have the knowledge for departmental perspective, maintenance, and improvements."

— April Tippett

Jennifer Rumping

Jennifer Rumping

Civil and Environmental Engineering

"Jen worked at commencement on Sunday, December 17th, from approximately 10am–1pm."

— Jane Kirsch

Other Recognition Programs


SPOT Awards

Faculty and staff are eligible for SPOT Awards to recognize performance that is above and beyond one’s normal responsibilities or otherwise impactful to the CoE or UI.  A SPOT award may be up to $200, net of withholdings.  

To nominate someone for a SPOT Award, complete a Flex Pay Nomination Form, which will route to the Dean’s Office for review and approval.  SPOT Awards are funded centrally by the CoE.


Exceptional Performance Award

Regular P&S staff are eligible for Exceptional Performance Awards to recognize outstanding performance that contributes significantly to the CoE’s mission of teaching, research, and service.  An Exceptional Performance Award is a lump sum award that may be up to 10% of base salary (per fiscal year), subject to applicable withholdings. 

To nominate someone for an Exceptional Performance Award, complete a Flex Pay Nomination Form, which will route to the Dean’s Office for review and approval. Exceptional Performance Awards are funded centrally by the CoE.