About the Plan

The College of Engineering at the University of Iowa is driven by talented faculty, staff, and students who are producing knowledge to address grand challenges around advanced technologies, health sciences, sustainability, energy, and the environment. 

Our graduates are ethical, globally-aware citizens whose work while at the University of Iowa and throughout their careers make the world safer and our use of resources more efficient. 

As a center of innovation and discovery, the people who make up the College of Engineering are undoubtedly improving quality of life for our Iowa community as well as for people across the United States and around the world.

To build an inclusive, diverse, and responsible community recognized for:

• providing an accessible, modern education in engineering and science for future, interdisciplinary leaders.

• advancing knowledge through fundamental and applied research. 

• facilitating life-long learning and economic development.

College of Engineering summary of strategic goals

Our goals reflect our values and our plans for the future. They are both a recognition of where we can do more and better but they are also a concrete reflection of where we expect to take the college in the years to come.

1. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community

  • To create an environment in which all members of the collegiate community—students, staff, and faculty—are welcomed, supported, and able to thrive.

2. Student Success 

  • To provide a transformative and personalized educational experience that prepares our graduates to become an engineer and something more.

3. Research 

  • To lead signature areas of research and economic development to drive breakthroughs that have societal impact, and 
  • To train graduate students to become outstanding technical leaders and innovative researchers.

4. Engagement 

  • To engage in mutually beneficial partnerships, boldly communicate our achievements, and build influence with state and federal decision makers. 
  • To acquire and steward private investments that strengthen the college and amplify our service for the common good.