GOAL: To provide a transformative and personalized educational experience that prepares our graduates to become an engineer and something more.

Attract, support, and graduate a diverse and high-achieving student body.

1. Identify and prioritize recruitment and retention efforts aimed at underrepresented student populations.

2. Maintain an enrollment that continues to afford each student the opportunity to create their unique place within, and their unique mark on, our community.

3. Increase scholarship funds available to underrepresented students and awareness of funding opportunities. 

4. Enhance resources (facilities, virtual modalities, faculty, and staff) to meet the growing demand for engineering education.

Capitalize on our strengths within the college and within the broader university community to provide an extraordinary student experience.

1. Provide students with individualized attention to meet their changing personal and professional academic interests.

2. Continue to identify, monitor, and address barriers to student success.

3. Increase student perseverance and success by providing a collaborative learning environment and co-curricular activities that improves understanding of subject content, fosters critical thinking, and strengthens study skills (e.g., tutoring, study tables, supplemental instruction, virtual or hybrid instruction).  

4. Engage students in career preparation (e.g., resume writing and interview skills workshops, and career fairs). 

Provide a modern curriculum that instills both technical depth and the broad foundation of liberal arts essential for lifelong growth and achievement.

1. Continuously innovate both the core and major curricula.

2. Establish new cross-disciplinary courses and projects in the college.

3. Incorporate ethics and principles of equity and inclusion throughout the curriculum (undergraduate and graduate). 

4. Identify and promote additional opportunities for minors, dual majors, and certificates (e.g., ethics and social justice).

Support and recognize excellence in teaching, learning, and innovation both in and out of the classroom.

1. Transform the classroom with the latest pedagogy and advanced tools for engineering education.

2. Promote and encourage participation in initiatives offered by Distance and Online Education and the Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology.

3. Establish communities of practice and/or teaching circles aimed at innovative teaching (i.e., assessment strategies, remote laboratories, etc.).

4. Adopt the end-of-course teaching evaluation questions and promote peer observation recommendations made by the UI ACE Task Force.

To empower students to become everyday leaders by facilitating and encouraging opportunities for co-curricular learning, intentional engagement, self-reflection, and skill development. 

1. Collaborate with campus and community partners to offer intentional and diverse leadership experiences and perspectives.

2. Provide / facilitate meaningful opportunities for students to engage in the development, planning, and facilitation of various programs (i.e., student organizations, outreach activities, etc.).

3. Expand opportunities for global experience. 

We can meet our student success goal if we provide a world class, cost effective, undergraduate engineering education and become a college of distinction known for supporting student success.