What's New in ETC

Newly updated Laptop recommendations for engineering students.

Recent Changes

Due to recent changes in Adobe Acrobat, sign in with you hawkid and password are now required.  For more details see the following ITS article: https://its.uiowa.edu/support/article/111281

For for detail, please see the Adobe Setup and Sign In Instructions

Look in AppsAnywhere on the computer.  Instructions for AppsAnywhere.

You may receive a message stating this from systems you have connected to in the past.  These message are expected and unavoidable.  Simple click or type an affirmative response.  Examples:  SSH on Putty, SSH terminal, and FastX3

FastX3 is now the primary version of FastX used on Engineering systems including login.engineering.uiowa.edu.  Though the summer, more system will be converted to FastX3 and FastX2 will be removed.  If you have an issue with using FastX2, please try the instructions below and try FastX3.  If you are still having an issue, please contact Engineering Computer Services. (FastX3 Installation Instructions)

Engineering Help Desk

Engineering Help Desk

The Help Desk staff answers questions and solves technical issues for College of Engineering students, staff, and faculty.

Engineering Electronic Shop

Engineering Electronics Shop

Print school projects, new ideas, and even gifts with our 3D MakerBots. Using your Engineering account, submit your Makerbot 3D printing project files here.

Engineering Machine Shop

Engineering Machine Shop

We provide concept development, project design, and prototyping services for any University students, faculty, researchers, and staff.

Engineering Services

Engineering Services & Resources

Links to various services and resources offered by the Engineer Technology Center.

Engineering Spaces and Technology


Spaces and associated technology available through the Engineering Technology Center/College of Engineering.