Computer Labs

In the Seamans Center there are 2 COE computer labs: Elder and Hering labs on the 1st floor.

Elder Lab (1231 SC)

Hering Lab (1220 SC)

Workstations, Printers, Scanners

Of the 127 total workstations, 20 run Linux and 107 run Windows. There are 6 remotely available Linux computers. When you are working in a lab, notice that each Windows computer or Linux workstation has a name. Windows are named ENGR-L-COExxx and Linux named L-LNXxxx. If you have trouble with a computer, please report the problem using the form or to the Engineering Help Desk, 1256 SC, 319-335-5055, and include the name of the computer that is being difficult as well as a description of the problem.

Multi-function Printers with Scanners are available in each lab.  They are all attached to the print queue ptrecs-labs-pcl.  More details on printers.

General Building Info

The College of Engineering access control system is composed of computer-controlled electronic locks that are operated by an access card.

If you have a Hawk ID and an affiliation (student, staff, faculty) with the College of Engineering, your Iowa One Card is your Seamans Center (SC) access card.

If you are not affiliated with the College of Engineering and need to use SC resources, an Engineering faculty or staff member must authorize your access. After that sponsor has notified ECS, come to the ECS office, 1256 SC, with your Iowa One card, if you have one, or government ID, such as a driver’s license. If you have a UI Health Care Badge, bring it so that SC access can be added to the card.

If you need access to doors that are not included by default, go to department that manages the space to get authorization.

If you have problems with your access card, come to the ECS office, 1256 SC.

For engineering students, the default doors are the perimeter doors that have access control (entrances 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, and 13*), the student labs (Elder, Hering, 2301 SC), and the student study space in 4517 SC. Seniors have access to the group collaboration room 2222 SC. Non-engineering students have no door access, even if taking an engineering course.

Faculty and staff have access to the perimeter doors listed above and conference rooms in SC; they may have access to shared departmental spaces.

*Entrance 1 on east side near NE corner; 3 on north side near NW corner; 5 in alley across from CC and leading to ramp by EMS; 8 on west side near loading dock and elevator; 10 on west side at end of alley between SC and CC; and 13 on south side off John Deere Plaza.


The College of Engineering maintains four classrooms in the Seamans Center- 1220S (Hering Lab South), 1245, 2040 and 3231. Each classroom is equipped with Windows computers for the students and instructor. For specifications and capabilities, see the details for the each classroom below. 

1220S SC (Hering Lab South)

1245 SC

2040 SC

3231 SC

There are twelve general assignment classrooms in the College of Engineering:

Room Number Capacity Seating Type
1505 156 Auditorium Seats
2133 30 Tablet Arm Chairs
2217 72 Student Chairs
2229  72 Student Chairs
3026 30 Tablet Arm Chairs
3258 16 Student Chairs
3315 43 Tablet Arm Chairs
3321 43 Tablet Arm Chairs
3505 68 Student Chairs
3630 96 Student Chairs
3655 128 Student Chairs
4030 40 30 Student Chairs
10 Student Stools

The Windows computers in these general assignment classrooms belong to the Iowa domain, meaning users login using Hawk ID and Hawk ID password. Once connected, drives can be mapped to Engineering account home directory to get access to files stored there.

The software available is the software available to computers on the Iowa domain, which is managed by ITS, as well as some of the engineering software available on the computer lab machines. Iowa domain software includes Maple, Mathematica, and Wolfram Mathematica. The software that is not available includes engineering software such as ANSYS, Arena, and PTC Creo. To use engineering software, users must go to Start - All Programs - Remote Desktop, or click the Remote Desktop icon on the Desktop, which allows users to log into office Windows computer.


University Classrooms with Engineering Laptops

(only available when class is being taught)

2217 SC 72 Laptops
2229 SC Not Currently provisioned with Laptops
3505 SC 68 Laptops
3630 SC 96 Laptops
3655 SC 128 Laptops