What is Bioimaging?

Bioimaging represents the acquisition, processing, and visualization of structural or functional images of living systems.  Medical imaging modalities are many, including but not limited to:  X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and fMRI, CT, and PET.  Medical imaging and image processing are integral to the extraction of anatomical and biological information from the systems level down to the molecular level with the goal of clinically seeking to reveal, diagnose, or examine diseases, as well as to the study of normal anatomy and physiology.  Image processing techniques, such as segmentation, registration methods, feature recognition and classification represent an indispensable component of bioimaging.

Bioimaging Academic Advisors

Biomedical Engineering - Program Map: Bioimaging Focus Area

Semester 1Chem I / Lab
Engr Math I
 Intro Engr Prob Solving ENGR:1100Rhetoric 
Engr Success First Year ENGR:1000
Semester 2Chem II / Lab
Engr Math Ⅱ
Engr Math Ⅲ MATH:2550Physics I / Lab
Intro Engr Computing
BME Forum BME:1010
Semester 3Foundations of
Biology / Lab
Engr Math Ⅳ
Elec Circuits ENGR:2120Thermo ENGR:2130 or *Intro AI & Mach Learning ENGR:2995*BME Prof Seminar BME:2010
Semester 4Human Physiology
HHP:3500 or BME:2260
Quantitative Physiology
BIOS:4120 or
Systems, Instrum,
& Data Acquisition
/ Lab BME:2200
Bioimaging &
Bioinformatics / Lab
Comp in Engr
Semester 5Cell Biology for Engr / Lab
Biomaterials & Biomechanics / Lab BME:2500Medical Imaging Physics
Intro to Software Design
Diversity & Inclusion 
Semester 6Focus Area
Elective #1
Focus Area
Elective #2
Focus Area
Elective #3
Digital Image
Be Creative 
Semester 7BME Senior Design I
Focus Area
Elective #4
Focus Area Elective #5Focus Area
Elective #6
Approved GEC Course 
Semester 8BME Senior Design II
Physics II / Lab
Focus Area
Elective #7
GEC course
Approved GEC Course 


*If ENGR:2995 is not offered in Fall, it can be taken the following Spring. Students who want to take ENGR:2995 and not ENGR:2130 can take ENGR:2730 Computers in Engr in Semester 3 and ENGR:2995 in Semester 4.

Bioimaging required coursesOfferedPrerequisites
BME: 5210 Medical Imaging PhysicsFP: BME:2200, BME:2210
ENGR:2730 Computers in EngineeringF/SP: ENGR: 1300
ECE:3330 Intro to Software DesignF/SP: ENGR:2730
ECE:5480 Digital Image ProcessingFP: BME:2200 or ECE:2400


Bioimaging electives (Focus area, minor, or certificate)OfferedPrerequisites
Engineering Topics (must choose two)  
BME:5200 Biomedical Signal ProcessingS §§ 
BME:5240 Deep Learning in Medical ImagingFP: ENGR:2995; ECE:5480 recommended
ECE:5330 Graph Algorithms & Combinatorial OptimizationSP: ECE:3330
ECE:5450 Machine LearningFP: BME:2200 or ECE:2400
ECE:5490 Multidimensional Image Analysis Tools &
S §§P: ECE:5480 and (ECE:3330 or CS:2820)
Suggested Electives  
BME:5251 Advanced BiosystemsF §P: BME:2200
BME:5441 Num & Stat Methods for BioengrF §P: MATH:2560 and MATH:2550
CS:2210 Discrete StructuresAll 
CS:2230 Data StructuresAllP: ENGR:2730 or CS:1210
ECE:5460 Digital Signal Processing FP: ECE:3400
HHP:1100 Human AnatomyAll 
MATH:3800 Elementary Numerical Analysis F/SP: (MATH:2550 or MATH:2700) and (MATH:1560 or MATH:1860)
**BIOL:1412 Diversity of Form & FunctionAllP: BIOL:1411 w/min C-
CHEM:2210 Organic Chemistry ⅠAllP: CHEM:1120 w/min C-
CHEM:2220 Organic Chemistry ⅡAllP: CHEM:2210 w/min C-
CHEM:2410 Organic Chemistry LabAllP: CHEM:1120 w/min C-, CHEM:2210 w/min C-; C: CHEM:2220
BMB:3110 BiochemistryAllSee MyUI for requirements
BIOL:2512 Fundamental GeneticsAllP: BIOL:1411, BIOL:1412 or PSY:2701, CHEM:1110; Recommended: CHEM:2210

*Bioimaging students can take ENGR:2130 as an Engineering Topic if they have taken ENGR:2995 as an Engineering Core (and vice versa)
**Pre-medicine students should check with their Pre-medicine advisor regarding the need for this course.
§ Offered in academic years with odd fall and even spring semesters
§§ Offered in academic years with even fall and odd spring semesters


Note:  In addition to the four required focus area courses, an additional seven elective courses (21 s.h.) are also required (suggested electives list, minor, or certificate courses).  At least two of these electives (6 s.h.) must be from the list of Engineering Topics.  Electives not listed above may be approved via the Plan of Study form.

Consult this guide when selecting electives that have machine learning content.

Check MyUI for the current course offerings and pre-/co-requisites.

Check the Bioimaging Curriculum Map and Sample Four-Year Plan links at the top of this page for more details.

Link to previous Bioimaging Focus Area Curriculum Map

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