For students entering Fall 2021 and beyond (all others see Elective Focus Areas for requirements)

Within the Civil Engineering Program, students select a Focus Area to achieve exposure and depth of study in an area of interest. Each Focus Area has at least 27 semester hours of coursework, including at least two CEE design courses and CEE electives, among its Focus Area required and elective courses. Some Focus Areas in non-technical areas may require additional courses to satisfy requirements for a Minor or Certificate Program; these courses may be taken for General Education Component credit.

Sample Plans

Technical Focus Areas for the Civil Engineering Degree

See Technical Focus Area Electives for information on approval of non-engineering courses for these Focus Areas.

Non-Technical Focus Areas for the Civil Engineering Degree

Student-Tailored Focus Area for the Civil Engineering Degree

Selecting a Civil Engineering Focus Area

All students must select a Civil Engineering Focus Area. To select or change your Focus Area, use the following online academic form:

After receiving final confirmation of your Focus Area selection, the Focus Area requirements will be shown for the Declared Program of Study on your Degree Audit.