Civil Engineering Profession

Today, civil engineers are in the forefront of technology. They are the leading users of sophisticated high-tech products - applying the very latest concepts in computer-aided design (CAD) during design, construction, project scheduling, and cost control. 

Civil engineering is about community service, development, and improvement. It involves the conception, planning, design, construction, and operation of facilities essential to modern life, ranging from transit systems to offshore structures to space satellites. Civil engineers are problem solvers, meeting the challenges of pollution, traffic congestion, drinking water and energy needs, urban redevelopment, and community planning.

Civil engineering student with goggles on

How To Apply

Chunnel Vision

One of the most current and exciting civil engineering feats has linked Britain and France for the first time in 8,000 years. The Channel Tunnel (or "Chunnel") is among the largest engineering projects in history and the longest undersea tunnel ever built. High-speed trains are now crossing the English Channel on a regular schedule. 

Up, Up and Away

There has been an on going effort to create the tallest building in the world. The Chrysler Building dominated New York's skyline for years until the opening of the Empire State Building which was soon surpassed by the World Trade Towers, the Sears Building in Chicago, and most recently the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. 


High Speed Chase

Sleek, silvery bullet trains reach speeds of close to 500 kilometers per hour in Japan and Europe. Today, more and more sophisticated rail lines are being proposed to solve transportation needs around the world. 

Harbor Rescue

The quality of our environment has always been a high priority of civil engineers. One of the many "green" projects today is the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, the multi-billion dollar cleanup effort of the Boston Harbor. The project used state-of-the-art design and included the boring of a 16-kilometer outfall tunnel beneath the ocean. 

Freedom Update

The technology of living in space is continually refined with the developments of the space station Freedom. Its many advanced features put this project in the forefront of worldwide engineering.

Taken from the ASCE national website