For students entering Fall 2021 and beyond (all others see Elective Focus Areas for requirements)

Technical Focus Area Electives

The Civil Engineering program has five Technical Focus Areas:

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Practice
  • Environmental
  • Hydraulics & Water Resources
  • Structures, Mechanics, and Materials
  • Transportation

Each of these Focus Areas allows students to pick up to two Focus Area electives (6 semester hours) from:

  • A list of engineering courses (shown on the Focus Area Plan of Study spreadsheet)
  • A list of pre-approved non-engineering courses (shown below)
  • Other courses not listed that require approval for Focus Area elective credit (see approval process below).

Pre-Approved Non-Engineering Course List

  • ECON:3625 Environmental and Natural Resources Economics
  • EES:3360 Soil Genesis and Geomorphology 
  • EES:3380 Fluvial Geomorphology [enroll in cross-referenced course CEE:3328]
  • EES:3390 Integrated Watershed Analysis
  • GEOG:1050 Foundations of GIS
  • GEOG:1070 Contemporary Environmental Issues
  • GEOG:3210 Health Work and Environment
  • GEOG:3520 GIS for Environment Studies 
  • GEOG:4870 Applied Geostatistics 
  • GEOG:3940 Transportation Economics 
  • LAW:8992 Water Law
  • OEH:4240 Global Environmental Health
  • TDSN:2240 Digital Drafting with AutoCAD
  • Any 3000 level or above course(s) in Business Administration (MGMT, MKGT, MSCI)

Other Courses Not Listed That Require Approval

Other courses that can be approved for Focus Area credit are:

  • Any course(s) taken to satisfy the requirements of a Minor or Certificate Program. You must be enrolled in the Minor or Certificate Program and include a program degree audit with your request.
  • Any other course(s) relevant to the Focus Area. You must provide justification for relevance with your request. Note that many 2000 level or below course will not be approved for Focus Area elective credit.

To request approval of a course(s) for Focus Area Elective credit (6 semester hours maximum), use the following online academic form: