Jane Carlson (joined 2015)

Adjunct Professor and Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Senior Associate, Strand Associates, Madison, WI

Africa Espina (joined 2014)

Civil and Environmental Engineer Project Manager, Locus Technologies, Mountain View, CA

Rick Fosse (joined 2016)

Professor of Practice, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Samantha Hayden (joined 2019)

Senior Civil Environmental Engineer, Principal Global Investors, Ankeny, IA

Toby Hunemuller (joined 2014)

Chief of Hydrologic Engineering Section, US Corp of Engineers, Rock Island, IL

Kathleen Johnson (joined 2020)

Chief Operations Officer/Senior Engineer, The Westmark Group, Cedar Rapids, IA

Andrew Marsh (joined 2020)

Vice President, HR Green, Cedar Rapids, IA

Joe Olson (joined 2018)

Project Manager, Rail Division, STV Inc., Chicago, IL

Jim Schnoebelen (joined 2010)

District Engineer, Iowa Department of Transportation, Cedar Rapids, IA

Becky Svatos (joined 2020)

Vice President, Stanley Consultants, Cedar Rapids, IA

Jacob Thorius (joined 2013)

County Engineer, Washington County, Washington, IA

Brian Willham (joined 2014)

Senior Traffic Engineer, Snyder & Associates, Des Moines, IA