Meet the Engineering Student Ambassadors

The Engineering Student Ambassadors are here to share our experiences as Iowa Engineering students with future engineers. Beyond our lives as engineering students, we are also involved in a lot of activities throughout the college and the university. Our goal is to assist you in getting to know the College of Engineering during your campus visit, but we encourage you to contact us with any questions too! Ask us about the biggest adjustments when joining the program or the organizations that we love, ask about our favorite places to study or why you should study abroad, ask about why we chose Iowa or how we chose our majors… or ask any other question you might have!

Contact a Student Ambassador

You can learn more about each of our ambassadors by clicking on our profiles below. If you have a question for a particular ambassador, you can mention their name in your email so that we can make sure to connect you. Or, if you have a question about a particular major, student organization, or opportunity during your time at Iowa – we will make sure that you hear from an ambassador who can share their personal experience with you.

Current Engineering Student Ambassadors

Become an Ambassador

Engineering Student Ambassadors share their experiences with prospective students, give tours of the College of Engineering, and interact with visitors at a variety of events throughout the year (e.g., daily visits, Explore Engineering Days, Hawkeye Visit Days, Admitted Student Visit Days). If you love being an Iowa engineer and want to share that passion with the next generation of students, let us know! If you are interested in becoming an Engineering Student Ambassador, or know a student you would like to recommend, email Engineering Admissions and Outreach at The application and hiring process for the Engineering Ambassadors takes place each spring semester.