Gracie Rodriguez

Who am I

Name: Gracie Rodriguez

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Honors/Honors LLC: Yes

Year: Second-year

Hometown: Schaumburg, IL

A Little More About Me

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming freshman?

My advice would be to get involved as soon as you can, but more importantly make sure to take time to yourself. College can get overwhelming and the adjustment is harder on some than others, so just be sure to set aside time to be alone and reset before each week.

What is your favorite part about being a student at The University of Iowa?

My favorite part about being a student at The University of Iowa is the community that comes along with being a Hawkeye. No matter where you go I feel like you can always find Hawk fans or Iowa alum, and I think that makes being a student here really special.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time at The University of Iowa?

I love going to all Iowa sporting events, especially football and basketball games. However on weekends that are not gameday's I enjoy exploring all the shops and restaurants downtown with my friends.

What organizations inside the college of engineering do you belong to?

In the college of engineering I have recently joined the Biomedical Engineering Student Society and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. I am new to both clubs but, I'm excited to experience them throughout the year.

What has been your favorite or most impactful course?

My favorite engineering course I've taken was Intro to Engineering Computing. This class introduced me to all things coding because I had never taken a computing class before, and I really enjoyed getting to learn a whole new concept. My favorite non-engineering course was Physical Activity and Health, I thought this class was very interesting and directly applicable to everyday life.

Is there something else you'd like to tell us about yourself?

Something fun about me was that I was on the football team in high school! I learned a lot about football, teamwork and commitment, and it definitely encouraged my love for the sport.

Iowa football game

Iowa Football Game

me kicking on my football team

Kicking on my football team

Iowa Basketball Game

Iowa Basketball Game