A U2G (Undergraduate-to-Graduate) Program is a Bachelor of Science/Master of Science combined degree program available for qualified University of Iowa undergraduate students. This allows students to complete a Master of Science degree in two or three semesters after completion of the Bachelor of Science degree. A student in the combined program receives a BS degree when all requirements for that degree have been completed, and then becomes a regular MS level graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME).

The U2G Program is primarily intended for students interested in pursuing the MS/non-thesis degree option. However, the MS/thesis degree option can be pursued in those instances where:

  1. A student has been conducting research under the supervision of a ME faculty member since (at least) the summer following the student’s junior year and
  2. An ME faculty member is willing to advise the student and serve as committee chair for final exam.

Take action during your 3rd year

Interested students should discuss the combined U2G degree program with their advisor during their 3rd year. Applications should be submitted during the second semester of their 3rd year, before the start of their 4th year (2 semester blended model). However, single semester admits will be allowed and must adhere to the below application deadlines and other program requirements.

Accepted students are expected to have a minimum UI cumulative GPA of 3.25 and maintain this throughout the program. Undergraduate students whose UI cumulative GPA falls below this minimum will be removed from the U2G Program.

Students may contact any ME faculty member to inquire about participation in the U2G Program, research opportunities, and financial support.

Application Process

Apply during a student's third year.

Step 1:

Apply to M.E. U2G Program

Once accepted, move to Step 2.

Step 2: 

Apply to Graduate College

See also: application requirements and deadlines 

Students who are currently completing an engineering, mathematical, or physical sciences curriculum would be well prepared for master’s degree in mechanical engineering. This includes:

  • All BSE programs in the College of Engineering
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
  • Health and Human Physiology
  • Math
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Statistics and Actuarial Sciences

1. Apply up to 12 semester hours (s.h.) of graduate level coursework to be double counted toward both BS and MS degrees.

   *Credit may not be applied to courses taken prior to program admission.*

  • ME courses eligible for graduate credit are numbered 4100 or higher
  • Exception: ME:4186 is NOT eligible for graduate credit
  • Courses selected must fulfill MS coursework requirements and be applicable to BS electives.

2. GRE scores are not required for admission to the U2G program.

3. U2G program students are assessed undergraduate tuition and fees until their BS degree has been conferredAfter the BS has conferred, then students will be assessed graduate tuition and fees and may be eligible for graduate assistantships. (see tuition and fee tables)

4. Take full advantage of some of UI’s one-time only fees. Attending other institutions students may have to pay similar fees again.

  • Records and document fee
  • International orientation fee

5. Thesis students can begin work on MS thesis research with a faculty advisor during the 4th year of undergraduate studies. *Please note that graduate research credits cannot be taken by undergraduate students.

Departmental funding preference is given to PhD students. Please discuss financial support possibilities with your advisor.

  • Completion of 80 semester hours toward BS
  • UI cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher


Application requirements:

  • Course selection
  • Thesis students need to identify a faculty advisor
  • Non-engineering majors need to provide rationale/statement of purpose
Intake Session Deadlines
  U2G Grad. College
Fall 15-Apr 15-Jul
Spring 15-Nov 1-Dec

Once the U2G Program application has been approved by the ME department, the student will need to apply to Graduate College.  

***Please note that applying to the U2G program and applying to the Graduate College are two separate processes. Once accepted into the combined U2G program by the ME department, then the student will need to complete the usual application process for graduate school.***

Program flyer

Questions? Email me-dept@uiowa.edu or call 319-335-5939.