MS Degree (with thesis)

course number course title semester hours
ME:4116 (F) Manufacturing Processes, Simulations and Automation 3
ME:4125 (S) Biomimetic Fluid Dynamics 3
ME:5113 (F) Mathematical Methods in Engineering 3
ME:5143 (F Computational Fluid and Thermal Engineering 3
ME:5145 (F) Intermediate Heat Transfer 3
ME:5149 (F) Propulsion Engineering 3
ME:5160 (F) Intermediate Mechanics of Fluids 3
ME:6262 (S) Inviscid Flow 3
ME:6199 Research: Mechanical Engineering M.S. Thesis 6


PhD Degree (after MS)

course number course title semester hours
ME:5146 (S) Modeling of Materials Processing 3
ME:5179* (S) Continuum Mechanics 3
ME:5263 (F) Compressible Flow 3
ME:6260 (S Viscous Flow 3
ME:6217* (F) Advanced Modeling and Simulation for Manufacturing Processes 3
ME:7248 (F) Combustion Theory 3
ME:7266 (S) Interfacial Flows and Transport Processes 3
ME:7267 (S) Multiphase Flow and Transport 3
ME:7268 (S) Turbulent Flows 3
ME:7269( S) Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer 3
ME:7299 Research: Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Thesis 12


*Students who have had similar courses in their master's program may skip these courses and take other courses at appropriate levels as stipulated by the degree requirement. See program and degrees.