Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


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Guam - Han Sol Seo is the first University of Guam pre-engineering student to take advantage of the UOG/University of Iowa College of Engineering Agreement which was signed in June of 2008.

Seo was admitted to U of Iowa's College of Engineering as an electrical engineering major. He was also accepted into the University of Iowa's Honors Program, and will transfer 60 credits from the University of Guam to the University of Iowa this fall.

"Congratulations to Han Sol," said UOG President Robert A. Underwood. "I hope he is the first of many students who decide to pursue engineering degrees, and who start their journey here at the University of Guam."

“This agreement provides an affordable pathway for Guam’s students who wish to pursue engineering degrees by allowing them to live at home and pay the University of Guam’s tuition rates for the first two years of college,” said UOG Senior Vice President Dr. Helen Whippy.

The University of Iowa’s College of Engineering charges approximately $20,000 per year for out of state tuition compared to the University of Guam’s annual tuition of about $5,000 per year. 

Students may enter the University of Guam’s pre-engineering program, and then transfer to the University of Iowa’s College of Engineering after successfully completing required coursework with grades of As and Bs. The University of Iowa’s College of Engineering is looking for an overall GPA that indicates likely success in engineering.

To transfer into the College of Engineering, students must have demonstrated success in math, science, and engineering courses. At a minimum, transfer students must complete Calculus I as well as introductory courses in Physics and Chemistry. U of Iowa’s Engineering Academic Disciplines include:

·        Biomedical

·        Chemical and Biochemical

·        Civil and Environmental

·        Electrical and Computer

·        Industrial

·        Mechanical

The agreement also promotes cooperation in such areas as faculty and student exchanges, training and study programs, collaborative teaching projects, and collaborative scholarship.

 For more information on UOG's pre-engineering program contact Dr. Shahram Khosrowpanah, Professor, UOG’s Water and Environmental Research Institute of the Western Pacific at 735-2694 or