Tuesday, September 20, 2022

University of Iowa College of Engineering alum Marcelo Mena-Carrasco was named among the top 30 global leaders seeking climate solutions by Business Insider.

The CEO of the Global Methane Hub and a former Chilean environment minister is working to lower global temperatures by focusing on methane mitigation in energy, food, and waste, according to the magazine. Mena-Carrasco is also professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso in Chile.

Years earlier, Mena-Carrasco was a student at the University of Iowa, earning a master’s in civil and environmental engineering in 2003 and a PhD in the same field in 2007. Mena-Carrasco worked closely with Jerald Schnoor, a UI professor of civil and environmental engineering, and together they create a course titled "Sustainable Systems."

Mena-Carrasco was presented the UI Alumni Association Distinguished Young Alumnus Award in 2013.

Business Insider’s inaugural “Climate Action 30” list includes “activists, influencers, academics, scientists, business executives, entrepreneurs, and public-sector and nonprofit leaders working to address the climate crisis through collectivism, community, and accountability.”