General Lab information

  Windows Linux Multi-function Printer/Scanner/Copier
Elder Lab 1231 SC
  Elder North
  Elder South


Elder Lab


The Elder Lab (1231 SC, North and South Sections) is on the first floor of the Seamans Center. This lab contains:

  • Windows and Linux computers
  • 27", 32" or 24" dual monitors
  • Laser printing Color/BW
  • Users can print to printer queue ptrecs-labs-pcl and release printing pages from any of the three lab printers (One each in Hering, Elder, and Eltoft Labs).
  • Scanners on multifunction printers
  • Open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week except when closed for cleaning or maintenance

Although the labs are open all the time, the building is not and you will need your Iowa One® access card to enter the building.