The 2040 SC classroom is equipped with rolling project tables and stools to accommodate 64 students. 

There are no computers for students in this classroom. 

Other classroom features include 2 garage style retractable doors, drop power, 2 utility sinks, 2 compressed air outlets with regulators, and 2 cable supported retractable lift bars.

For Instructors

There is a Windows computer and 1 Apple TV for presentation purposes connected to 2 - 90 inch displays, 2 - 64 inch displays, and 2 - inch displays.  If you have troubles logging into the system contact the Help Desk.


This room is used by instructors who teach engineering classes in which curriculum-based instructional workspace is an integral component of the course session.

Using the Classroom

Classes other than engineering courses can use 2040 SC for a fee.  Please contact the Office of the Dean for costs and scheduling information.

Instructors wishing to teach course sessions and teaching assistants who want to hold regular help sessions in 2040 SC should complete the 2040 SC on-line Request Form. For classes being held in 2040 SC, the request should be made when the schedule of courses is being created or as soon after that as possible. During the term, requests for individual sessions will be considered and granted if the use is appropriate and the room is available. The main criterion used to evaluate class applications is that a learning objective of the course can be facilitated by the room's equipment or space. Courses may have no more than 64 students.

Reservations will be accepted during the current semester and for the next semester when that semester's schedule of courses is being created.

Before requesting use of 2040 SC, please read the use policy above.

To request use of 2040 SC, use the on-line reservation form.

Room Schedules

To see the room calendar, log into your UofI Office-365 account (either via Outlook or the web interface) and view the RES-SC2040 calendar resources depending on which room you wish to use.