• These instructions are for ECS managed Windows systems only.   For non-ECS managed Windows systems, contact your local computer support personnel for installation instructions.

Locate Symantec Software Portal either in your start menu or via the windows search.

Locate Spirion 1
Locate Spirion 2

Log in with your HawkID and Password if prompted.


Click on the Spirion Client

Spirion Client

Click on OK

click ok

Wait while the software installs.

Click on the My Requests at the top of the Software Portal.

This will show the progress of the install.  Once completed the Installation Status will be listed as Success.

My Requests


  • Instructions for all University of Iowa managed Macs.

Open up the Self Service from your Applications menu.

Self Service

Log in with your hawkid and password.

Self Service Login

Select Applications on the left side menu

Locate Spiron, Click on install

Locate Spirion

Once you have clicked install, you will may get a second window popup.  Click on Install.

Spirion install 1

The software will install after that.     

Spirion install 2

The install will be complete once you see the button to Reinstall appears.

Spirion install 3
Spirion install 4

Spiron is now installed.  Close the Self Help and continue on to Scanning.