Mentor Graphics

Vendor: Mentor Graphics, web site
Category: systems design flow
License Required: yes

ModelSim Use - Linux

ModelSim, a subprogram of Mentor, is a simulator for VHDL, Verilog, or mixed-language simulation environments. The file /usr/css/etc/ defines a number of environment variables and appends some directories to the PATH environment variable, which allows Linux to locate all the various Modelsim subprograms, e.g., vlog, vlib, vsim.

Source the Mentor setup file by typing the line below at your prompt (assuming you are using the bash shell):
$. /usr/css/etc/
[Note: there is a space between the first dot and the slash]

To avoid having to source this file every time you start a session on your workstation, you can add the source command line in your .bashrc file (which is in your home directory):

Open your .bashrc file with a text editor and add the following two lines at the end of the file (the first line is just a comment):
   #source of setup file for Mentor Tools

. /usr/css/etc/

Make sure you type the path correctly. As in the example above, note that there is a space between the first dot and the slash.

Now, in the future, when you start a session you will not need to type the source command.