Abaqus Information

Vendor: Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA web site
Category: element analysis with modeling and visualization environments
Local Documentation: notes about using /var/tmp storage

Abaqus Description

Abaqus uses finite element methods to find complete solutions for simple to complex linear and nonlinear engineering problems.

Abaqus Usage

What It Does

Abaqus has environments that allow modeling, solving, and visualizing a finite element structure. Abaqus can be used to create solid, shell, and framework models. These models can then be used for both static and dynamic stress analysis simulations.

License Information

We have 100 academic teaching licenses for Abaqus. Those licenses are on the license server named s-l010.engr.uiowa.edu

The ABAQUS teaching license does not allow exporting data in alternate formats.


The research license is on the license server license.engineering.uiowa.edu. To configure your environment to access the research license, you need to set the environment variable ABAQUSLM_LICENSE_FILE. We have written a setup script that you can source in your environment if you run Abaqus on the engineering network, or you can add the environment variable definition to your own setup script.

To source the setup script (the source command is a "dot" in a Bash shell), use the command
. abaqusres_setup

To define the environment variable in your own script/shell, use the command

export ABAQUSLM_LICENSE_FILE=@license.engineering.uiowa.edu


The Abaqus config file is in C:\SIMULIA\Abaqus\6.12-1\SMA\site\abaqus_v6.env. To use the research license, copy the Abaqus config file into your working directory (the directory you run Abaqus from), and make these modifications:  1) comment out the line license_file="@s-l010..." and uncomment the line license_file="license..."; and 2) comment out the line academic=TEACHING and uncomment the line academic=RESEARCH. The correct lines are shown below.



Research Licenses

The use of the research licenses for both Linux and Windows is summarized in this table:

Unit Analysis CAE
Engineering (CSS labs and CSS-managed machines)
Solidification Lab

Usage Information

Linux: from the start menu go to Applications | Engineering Software | abaqus or type abaqusmenu or abaqus cae from a shell prompt. Temporary files must be stored in /var/tmp.

Windows: go to Start | All Programs | Abaqus 6.12-1 and select the appropriate command. Files must be saved locally in your home directory.

FastX from Windows or Macintosh: start Abaqus with the -mesa option as in

abaqus cae -mesa

or abaqus viewer -mesa