University of Iowa Prof. Jerry Schnoor examines impacts of climate change on the sea.
Thursday, May 18, 2023
Jerry Schnoor Headshot

A new research publication by Jerry Schnoor, a University of Iowa civil and environmental engineering professor and Allen S. Henry Chair in Engineering, has been selected for the ACS Editors’ Choice program.

The publication titled, “Climate Change and the Sea: A Major Disruption in Steady State and the Master Variables,” explores how the sea has changed as average global temperatures rise. The article examines degradation of coral reefs, fisheries, and marine ecosystems, as well as potential mitigation strategies.

ACS Publications, a division of the American Chemical Society, has established the ACS Editors' Choice program as a collection designed to feature scientific articles of broad public interest. Articles selected are free to read for a limited period time. 

The article is available at

The following co-authors also contributed: Reid A. Simmer, Emily J. Jansen, and Kyle J. Patterson.