Monday, August 17, 2020

During the semester the Seamans Center will be open 7am – 7pm, Monday-Friday. It is closed during semester break. 

There are a limited number of exterior doors that are available for entrance to the Seamans Center.  They are entrance 1 (closest to the Dean’s Office), entrance 3 (main entrance across from CVS), entrance 6 (ADA entrance to 1R/2R elevator), entrance 8 (straight back from the alleyway), entrance 9 (bottom of the loading dock) – anticipated alley/loading dock entry should be restored end of August, and entrance 16 (on Washington St.) 

Entrance 1







Entrance 3








Entrance 6








Entrance 8








Entrance 9








Entrance 16




Workflow request form for students to request a temporary access to the building outside of building hours:

Other updates will be provided as they develop.