Saturday, April 21, 2018

College of Engineering faculty and staff members were honored April 17 at a special reception and ceremony at the Seamans Center for the Engineering Arts and Sciences.

The following staff members were recognized for five years of service with the College of Engineering,

  • Rose Schmitt, Center for Computer-Aided Design
  • Jason Knox, IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering
  • Eric Prill, IIHR
  • Christian Bauer, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Bill Jennings, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Yugo Sanada, IIHR
  • James Niemeyer, IIHR
  • Lisa Lang, Center for Computer-Aided Design

Ten Years of Service:

  • Brandon Barquist, IIHR
  • Greg Wagner, Center for Computer-Aided Design
  • Dina Blanc, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Cathy Kern, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kimberly Farrell, Center for Computer-Aided Design

Fifteen Years of Service:

  • Carlton Richey, Center for Computer-Aided Design

Twenty-Year Awards:

  • Wendy Brentner, Engineering Administration
  • Joel Steele, Engineering Administration

Twenty-five years:

  • Matt McLaughlin, Engineering Computer Services

James Buchholz, associate professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, received the 2018 Faculty Excellence Award for Service. Buchholz has a long history of service to the College of Engineering.  In the past five years, his primary service activities have been in his role as Mechanical Engineering Program Coordinator and through his leadership of the fluids laboratories. He has been responsible for chairing the Mechanical E Engineering Undergraduate Committee, including managing Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology activities.  He led the department’s efforts to revise the curriculum and develop a new protocol for assessing student outcomes in the midst of ABET overhauling its program evaluation criteria. (

Pablo Carrica, professor of mechanical and industrial engineering, received the 2018 Faculty Excellence Award for Research. Over the course of Carrica's career, he has developed an internationally recognized research program in the areas of naval hydrodynamics, including both computational and experimental fluid dynamics, as well as bubbly flows. (

David Andersen, professor of electrical and computer engineering, received the 2018 Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching. Andersen's teaching philosophy is based on three elements: personal responsibility and respect, the role that engineers are expected to play in modern society, and understanding the capabilities and relative maturity levels of engineering students at various points in their academic careers. As a result, he approaches different classes with different teaching styles, each designed to bring out the best in students of varying ability levels. (

Andres Martinez, assistant research engineer at IIHR,  was presented the Staff Excellence Award for Research. Martinez contributes to engineering in the area of environmental pollutants, specifically related to pollutant sampling, analysis, and fate and transport modeling.  He is a researcher on the UI’s PCT Superfund program, where he is a member of the team investigating sources of airborne PCBs in indoor and outdoor environments. (

Brandon Barquist, mechanical shop manager, received the Mary Sheedy Staff Excellence Award.  The award recognizes a staff member who provides outstanding service to the College of Engineering, has a positive attitude that impacts and improves the work atmosphere within the College, leaves a lasting impression with the College and its constituents and demonstrates a commitment to the College and its mission.  Barquist's precise, high quality work is known on and off campus, as people consult with him for assistance with making custom pieces of equipment. (