Monday, July 24, 2017

ASCE has honored University of Iowa Distinguished Engineering Alumni Academy member Avery Bang (BSE 2007 civil engineering) with the 2017 President’s Medal.

Bang is recognized for her work in improving lives in communities throughout the developing world as executive director of Bridges to Prosperity, for her outstanding contributions to promoting awareness of the engineering profession and her dedication to advancing diversity in engineering, and for her inspirational message for a new generation to Dream Big.

Her contributions to the profession have set her apart. With Bridges to Prosperity, she helps to better the quality of life for communities in the developing world while also instilling a commitment to humanitarian service in young engineers. Recognized by ASCE as a New Face of Civil Engineering in 2011, Bang showcased engineers’ ability to shape the world for the better through her appearance as a central character in the 2017 film Dream Big: Engineering Our World.

While continuing her work with Bridges to Prosperity and pursuing graduate studies at Oxford University, she also traveled extensively to promote the film and its message through media appearances and public outreach events throughout the United States. She has been an inspirational role model for a new generation, while also instilling pride and reigniting a passion for the profession among ASCE members.

Bang is CEO and Board president of Bridges to Prosperity and managing director of the Oxford Seed Fund. In September, she expects to receive an MBA from the University of Oxford.

The ASCE President’s Medal recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of eminent engineers to the profession, the Society, or the public.