Monday, March 27, 2017

The Mubeen Group and Laboratory, led by Dr. Syed Mubeen, is working on three ambitious projects within the field of electrochemical engineering. Undergraduate and graduate students are major components in all of the research. The research programs include: converting sunlight and negative value feed stocks directly into high free energy materials that can be used a fuel and fine chemicals, creating energy efficient means for desalination and water reclamation, and development of a grid storage device using environmentally safe and sustainable materials and chemicals. When asked about the broad implications for this research Dr. Mubeen replied, “We believe success in our research efforts would lead to both fundamental discovery and technology innovations in the field of energy conversion and water treatment systems, with transformative potential to dramatically increase U.S. energy and water security.”


Graduate and undergraduate students who participate in the research programs are trained at the interface of Chemical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Physics and Chemistry.  They participate in weekly workshop-type group meetings. The research program is highly collaborative in nature, involving faculty from environmental engineering, physics and chemistry, thereby providing graduate students the opportunity to learn from experts from different fields. Undergraduate student participation is strongly encouraged as part of their scientific training and to provide a mentoring opportunity for graduate students.