Thursday, November 17, 2016

The University of Iowa this week launched its first-ever crowdfunding platform: GOLDrush, open to College of Engineering faculty and staff members and others on the UI campus.

A growing national trend, crowdfunding has made it simple to raise funds for projects from colleagues, family, friends—and even strangers who want to support a particular activity.

GOLDrush supports research and other academic-related activities, and provides an easy way for UI alumni, students and others to make tax-deductible contributions to specific UI-based organizations and projects. The name is based on the gold in Hawkeye black and gold (as well as a reference to money), and “rush” is related to the short timespan for most crowdfunding projects: typically 30 days or less.

To learn more about GOLDrush, go to

The GOLDrush website is located at

Engineering faculty and staff members interested in submitting GOLDrush project proposals should contact Theresa Jubert, digital fundraising strategist at the University of Iowa Foundation, at 319-467-3659 or