Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Two College of Engineering staff members have earned University of Iowa Staff Excellence Awards.

They are Doug Eltoft, recently retired chief technology officer, and Teresa Gaffey, director of finance and human resources for IIHR--Hydroscience & Engineering.

The award recognizes current UI staff who have made outstanding accomplishments and contributions that significantly benefited or brought honor or recognition to the University.

Eltoft, recently retired chief technology officer for the College of Engineering, brings an enthusiastic and collaborative approach to providing the best possible service to students, faculty, and staff in the college and beyond. It was his vision that led to combining the college’s Electronics Shop, Machine Shop, and Computer Services under the umbrella of the Engineering Technology Centers, creating a number of synergies and benefits to better serve students. It is also largely thanks to his passion and leadership that engineering students and faculty have access to unique facilities such as 3-D scanners, rapid prototyping 3-D printers, and water-jet cutting equipment. He has been actively engaged with the broader technology community on campus for many years, and his ideas and efforts have helped lay the foundation for models that are essential to daily operations across campus today.

Hired as a half-time editorial assistant and then promoted through several positions to her current role, Gaffey has been an IIHR staff member since 1994. She annually oversees more than $20 million in grants and contracts, using her comprehensive knowledge of accounting standards and systems—and of the terms of each individual grant or contract—to help principal investigators throughout the lifecycle of a grant. She is a highly respected member of the IIHR leadership team, a supportive and motivational supervisor to her staff, and a consummate professional whose dedication to excellent service and unconditional willingness to help is renowned throughout the institute and the college. Her contributions have created a better workplace for IIHR, the College of Engineering, and the university as a whole.