Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jon Scholte, PhD candidate in chemical and biochemical engineering, will receive the University of Iowa Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for 2016.


The Council on Teaching, which presents the award, noted that "Jon's philosophy of teaching and learning, classroom evaluations, and strong support garnered from students and faculty, made his nomination stand out from among the many superb candidates and clearly demonstrated excellence in teaching. While students have known of Jon's skill and devotion for some time, we are pleased that his accomplishments are being formally recognized by the University."

Scholte also is a graduate research assistant, focusing on creation and adaptation of various synthetic procedures for the production of novel photopolymerizable systems using nitroxide mediated polymerization (NMP) and reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer polymerization (RAFT).  In addition, he is studying characterization of synthesized oligomers by GPC and NMR, polymerization kinetics of both radical and cationic photocurable formulations using photo differential scanning calorimetry and real time FTIR, and orphology and thermo-mechanical properties utilizing various microscopic (AFM, SEM) and dynamic (dynamic mechanical analysis).

Scholte will receive his certificate May 6 at the Council on Teaching Awards Reception.

Scholte is featured in a Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research video.  He also will participate May 17 in a technical conference track on "Controlled Monomer Architecture for Property Enhancement in Photocured Thin Films" at the RADTECH UV+EB Technology Expo and Conference in Chicago.