Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Engineering alumnus S. Taymur Ahmad (BSE 1994 mechanical engineering) has been recognized by Dell Corporation as a member of the Dell for

Entrepreneurs Founders 50 Fall 2014 Class.

ACTnano, Inc., is a nanotechnology company that was founded in Chicago, Illinois, by Ahmad, who is founder, CEO, and chairman. The company presents solutions to the immense challenges manufacturers face in trying to protect their electronic devices from the destructive effects of water, oil, and dirt. The extensive and unique family of Advanced nanoGUARD (ANG) coatings now offered y ACTnano presents manufacturers of electronics and textiles with multiple chemistries and application methods that will help them achieve their goals in water, oil, and dirt protection by providing everyday products with twenty-first-century coatings.

ACTnano is a Dell Technology Partner.

The Founders 50 (http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/uscorp1/founders-50) is a program focused on key areas of growth for the member companies. These CEOs have already proven they know how to start and grow a business. Dell leverages some of the best practices and networks from today’s accelerators, VC firms, top startup organizations, and then backs them with the power of one of the world’s largest technology companies.