Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Web Note:  Photos of the pre-commencement breakfast are available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/uiengineering/sets/72157650713387574.

College of Engineering commencement ceremonies were held May 16 at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center.

Mariah Bankert of the Engineering Student Council presented the graduating senior award, chosen through nomination by the senior class, to Flora Duff.

Candidates graduating with highest distinction were:
Tony Bries, Tyler Dunkel, Nicholas Gerwe, David Harshman, Allison Kindig, Brian Kruse, John McCullough, Abhinav Sharma, Jocelyn Todd, William Tollefson, William Xie and Sanam Zarei. Graduating with highest distinction requires a cumulative grade point average of 4.0.

Graduating with high distinction were Xiang Kang Chan, Bess Fevold, Sean Fitzgerald, Brynn Gitt, Austin Hangartner, Zach Henningsen, Matthew Janechek, Julie Mustain, Thomas Myres, Bryan Senchuk, and Sraavya Undurty.Graduating with high distinction requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.92 – 3.99.

Graduating with distinction were Riley Brunson, Andre DeGroot, Flora Duff, Nicholas Eliason, Alexander Fischman, Jiaying Gao, Nicholas Herkert, Brock Kamrath, Keegan Kavanaugh, John Kintz, Parker Koch, Kayley Lain, Brian McClurg, Bryan Peterson, Hanbin Tao, and Changhao Zhou.  Graduating with distinction requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.79 – 3.91.

University Honors: Ian Armstrong, Andre DeGroot, Matthew Eganhouse, Jiaying Gao, Brynn Gitt, Weiwei Gu, Austin Hangartner, Bridget Johnson, Allison Kindig, Connor Kriz, Ryan McLaughlin, Julie Mustain, Courtney Paulsen, Hanbin Tao, Jocelyn Todd, William Tollefson, Christopher Winters, and Sanam Zarei.

Honors in the Major: These students are required to maintain a 3.33 GPA and complete an honors thesis while working with a research faculty mentor. Student graduating with honors in their major were Alexander Brown, Matthew Eganhouse, Jiaying Gao, Austin Hangartner, Nicholas Herkert, Allison Kindig, Ryan McLaughlin, Eric Pahl, Kevin Simoens, Hanbin Tao, Kathryn Temple, Jocelyn Todd, William Tollefson, Christopher Winters, Sanam Zarei, and Cheng Zhang. 

Nine earned dual degrees:
Jack Eckert, BSE in civil engineering and BA in art
Chao Geng, BSE in electrical engineering and BS in mathematics
Jianshen He, BSE in electrical engineering and BA in computer science
Parker Koch, BSE in electrical engineering and BS in mathematics
Chunhui Li, BSE in mechanical engineering and BS in mathematics
Tyler Nemmers, BSE in mechanical engineering and BA in dance
Courtney Paulsen, BSE in industrial engineering and BA in dance
Hanbin Tao, BSE in electrical engineering and BS in mathematics
Sanam Zarei, BSE in biomedical engineering and BA in psychology.

One-hundred-sixty-nine candidates graduated with a minor:
Aerospace studies (1);art (2); biology (1); business administration (32); chemistry (22); computer science (30); economics (2); entrepreneurial management (1); geoscience (1); German (1); human physiology (1); mathematics (100); military science (2); music (2); physical activity and nutrition (1); psychology (4); Spanish (9); and statistics (1)..

Of these, five graduated with a triple minor and forty-five graduated with a double minor.

Allison Kindig eared a Certificate in Global Health Studies.  She is also a Grand Challenges Scholar.

Stephen Bouxsein, Samantha Gordon, Luke Detert, Jaclyn Gutman, Nicholas Herkert, Haley Jindrich, Kayley Lain, and Sarah Salomon earned a Sustainability Program Certificate.

Nicholas Eliason, Douglas Kerr, Adam Westbrook, Garret Brown, Michael McAndrews and Eric Pahl earned a Technological Entrepreneurship Certificate.

Andrew Christ, Logan Derby and Neal Bunt earned a Certificate in Wind Energy. 

Twenty-seven candidates received M.S. degrees from the Graduate College:
biomedical engineering (7); chemical and biochemical engineering (4); civil and environmental engineering (8); electrical and computer engineering (4); industrial engineering (2) and mechanical engineering (3).

Fourteen candidates received Ph.D. degrees from the Graduate College. Biomedical engineering: Marc Brouillette, Kee Woong Jang, Tianjiao Wang and Yin Yu; Chemical and biochemical engineering: Robert Bullard, Swapnilkumar Gandhi, and Richard Gonzales; Civil and environmental engineering: Tibebu Ayalew, and Muhieddine Kabbani; Electrical and computer engineering: Henry Baidoo-Williams, Ruben Llamas, and Michael Yocius. Industrial Engineering: Alexander Vinel; Mechanical engineering:Xuchun Ren and Dan Wu.

The following faculty members were recognized by seniors in their discipline for Nicole Grosland, professor of biomedical engineering; Charles Stanier, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering; Christopher Stoakes, lecturer, civil and environmental engineering; Anton Kruger, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; Thomas Schnell, associate professor of industrial engineering and Justin Garvin, lecturer, mechanical engineering.