Monday, December 29, 2014

College of Engineering commencement ceremonies were held December 20 at Macbride Auditorium. 

George Ashton, retired chief of the research and engineering division of the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory gave the charge to the graduates.  P. Barry


Butler, executive vice president and provost of the University of Iowa conferred 102 B.S.E. degrees.

Soley Thorsteinsdottir gave the graduating senior address. 

Mariah Bankert of Engineering Student Council presented the Outstanding Senior Award to Victoria Dahlen. 

Sarah Pettijohn and Daniel Vial graduated with highest distinction.  Graduating with
highest distinction requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or higher.

Triet B. Bui, Michael James Salino-Hugg and Marie Rochelle Schulz graduated with high distinction.  Graduating with high distinction requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.75-3.84/4.0.

Jingping Bai and Katelynn Jourdan graduated with distinction.  Graduating with distinction requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.65-3.74/4.0

Five of the students graduating with distinction participated in the Student Leadership Institute. 

Four graduates were presidents of engineering student organizations. 

Victoria Dahlen and Johnathan Kingyon graduated with honors. 

Mark Pearson earned a Certificate in Sustainability. 

Five students graduated with two degrees: Adam Day (BSE mechanical engineering and BA computer science); Joseph Hall (BSE electrical engineering and BS physics); Michael Lyon (BSE biomedical engineering and BA computer science); Marie Schulz (BSE biomedical engineering and BSE mechanical engineering); and Suo Yang (BSE civil engineering and BA art).

Fifty-two students graduated with a minor:  business administration (15); computer science (1); environmental sciences (1); French (2); Mathematics (29); music (1); philosophy (1); psychology (2); and Spanish (1).  Of these, three graduated with a double minor. 

Forty-three graduates received credit for co-op or internship experiences. 

Nine candidates received a Ph.D. degree from the Graduate College: 
Biomedical Engineering:  John Looft
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering:  Robert Bullard and Kristan Sorenson Worthington
Civil and Environmental Engineering:  Ali Reza Firoozfar and Achilleas Georgios Tsakiris
Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Henry Ernest Baidoo-Williams and Amit Kumar
Industrial Engineering:  Mark Schall, Jr.
Mechanical Engineering:  Seong Mo Yeon

Twenty-six candidates graduated with a M.S. degree from the Graduate College:
Biomedical Engineering:  Brian Julius; Pavana Gururaj Rotti; Ouided Rouabhi
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering: Richard Gonzales; Victoria Henry; Tagelsir Ali Elsir Osman. 
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Haitham Farah Hanna Al Rabadi; Charlene Marie Becka; Russell Carlson IV; William Ettema; Maria Helgeson;John Suk Lee; Suyun Ma; Riley Mondloch; Nastaran Moradi Shahmansouri; Clinton Van Winkle.
Electrical and Computer Engineering:  Nic Andrew Capdevila; Cheng Chen; Richard Degenhardt, III; Joshua Jennings Fajardo-Frink; Abbas Sbaity; Markus Lane Van Tol; Kidane Ogbaghebriel Yosief
Industrial Engineering:  Farzaneh Dolati
Mechanical Engineering: Matthew W. Burkhalter; Matthew Mercer

Graduating seniors from each program selected a faculty member to be recognized at commencement for their excellence in teaching and dedication to student learning.  Awards were presented to Nicole Grosland, professor of biomedical engineering; Julie Jessop, associate professor of chemical and biochemical engineering; Jerald Schnoor, professor of civil and environmental engineering; Anton Kruger, professor of electrical and computer engineering; Arunkumar Pennathur, lecturer, industrial engineering; and Justin Garvin, lecturer, mechanical engineering.

College of Engineering ceremonies will be streamed live on the web at They also will be posted on the university’s YouTube channel ( within 24 hours. - See more at:
College of Engineering ceremonies will be streamed live on the web at They also will be posted on the university’s YouTube channel ( within 24 hours. - See more at: