Saturday, September 20, 2014

Two new publications have been introduced by the College of Engineering.

Professional Development Resources Manual is a 40-page annual publication serving Engineering students seeking advice in career development, from co-ops and internships to full-time

hiring.  It covers advice, guidance, and examples on resume's and cover letters; networking, professionalism, and career fairs; interviews; gaining experience; and navigating job offers and post-college success.

To access the interactive, on-line manual, go to

The Spring 2014 edition of the AIChE Newsletter covers activities and achievements of the college's American Institute of Chemical Engineers student chapter.  This issue covers the student chapter's participation at the spring at the AIChE Mid-American Regional Conference, professional seminars hosted by the chapter, the AIChE Jeopardy Competition, the future of U.S. chemical regulation, U.S. implementation of inherently safer technology, and reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act by adopting recent European Union legislation for registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals.

The AIChE newsletter is available at