ESAC is committed to helping the University of Iowa reach its 2030 Sustainability Goals. Here are some actions you can take! 

Home energy audit

Sign-up for a free home energy audit though Green Iowa Americorps to assess how much energy your home consumes and steps you can take to make it more efficient.  

Alternative transportation

The most recent greenhouse gas inventory for Iowa City shows that 18% of emissions come from transportation. Check out alternative transportation options, such as biking, walking, taking the bus, or carpooling.  

Local food

Supporting local foods creates more vibrant and healthy communities and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down on food transportation costs. Learn more about local foods serving the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids corridor through Field to Family.    

Compost program

Sending our organic materials to be composted is a different kind of recycling where our non-recyclable paper and food scraps are turned into high-nutrient dirt. ESAC is committed to helping coordinate composting activities in the College of Engineering. Contact an ESAC representative at to learn more, or visit the UI Office of Sustainability and the Environment.    


Recycling is easy to do and helps to save energy and resources, reduce landfill waste, prevent pollution, and build a healthier environment. Learn about UI recycling options, and check out the community resources below.  

Taking action

As part of a larger community, we need to work together to ensure a better future. Learn more about sustainability and climate action programs in surrounding cities.  

Sustainability spotlights