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Apply for the program by MARCH 12, 2018 


Two students will travel to visit to Gifu for a total of three weeks (15 business days + weekends)

  • The students will join a Gifu’s faculty member's laboratory and will learn about the lab's research activities and do some collaborative work with Gifu students. UI students will be able to express an interest in specific labs. 
  • Students will visit laboratories of nearby universities in Nagoya, Gifu, and Toyohashi, as well as industry partners such as Toyota.  Visits will be arranged according to UI students’ interests. 
  • UI students may also travel to other areas in Japan, as arranged with Gifu hosts.



Students will arrive in Gifu on or after May 14, 2018 and stay through at least June 2, 2018.  Dates may be flexible depending on student and host schedules.  

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  • 2 students will travel to Japan for 3 weeks
  • Selection Criteria:
    • GPA:  Cumulative GPA of 3.07 or over is preferred, GPA of 2.7 or over is required
    • Availability during preferred travel dates
    • Articulated interest in the experience, as well as research interests/experience
    • Ability to travel independently and tolerate ambiguity



  • UI students will purchase their round-trip plane ticket to Chubu International Airport (NGO). Upon arrival, students will travel via train to Gifu and a representative from GNCT will meet them at the train station. 
  • Visas:
    • A visa for U.S. passport holders is not required.
    • Students from other countries should check visa requirements for travel to Japan.


Room and Board 

  • Dormitory at GNCT in Gifu
  • Meals on your own – available in school cafeteria


UI Details/Requirements 

  • Students are required to register their travel with UI Study Abroad and be insured via the Regents International Health Insurance plan
    • Selected students will receive the appropriate forms upon confirmation of participation. 
  • Course enrollment options:
    • INDE:9000: course enrollment requirement (non-credit bearing; does NOT appear on UI transcript)
    • “Independent study” type of registration for credit (arranged between student and a UI faculty member)



Selected students will receive a JASSO Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan:

  • Three-week experience: 70,000 JPY (approximately $750 USD)
Local woman in Gifu

Estimated Costs for Gifu experience


Estimated cost


$1500 - $2500

Regents International Health Insurance Plan (assume $1.22/day for 21 days)


Transportation from the Chubu International Airport to GNCT

2,000 JPY (about $20) each way


Lodging: Rates for 3 weeks, including utilities: 10,000 JPY (about $93).


Meals: Approximately 1,100-1,500 JPY for usual meals for one day (about $10-14/day)


Local transportation



$1884- $2968

Subtract JASSO Scholarship:


Total estimated costs:

$1134 - $2218


Application Process

  • All interested students must set up a 15-minute appointment with Anat Levtov during the week of March 5-9 by calling 319-335-5763.  Anat will provide the application materials at this meeting.
  • Application materials are due to Anat Levtov in 3612 Seamans Center by MARCH 12, 2018 at 5:00 pm.
  • We will be moving quickly on this opportunity, so please check your UI email regularly for updates.

For more information about the National Institute of Technology, Gifu College (Gifu Kosen), see their College Bulletin.