Cross-College Policy

The undergraduate colleges at The University of Iowa offer an academic forgiveness policy, referred to as ReStart. The UI undergraduate colleges share the four ReStart policies below; other policies may vary.

  1. A student requesting ReStart must make a ReStart request from the UI college in which the student was previously enrolled during the semester(s) requested for ReStart.
  2. The above college of the student's previous enrollment will make the decision about whether the semester(s) in question will qualify for ReStart.
  3. All other decisions about coursework, requirements, and credit hours are left to the college from which the student plans to graduate.
  4. Each college will abide by the ReStart decisions made by another college.

Below is the ReStart policy for the College of Engineering. (Students interested in the policy of another UI undergraduate college should contact that college directly.)


If you are returning, or have returned, to the College of Engineering (CoE) after an extended absence (4 consecutive years or more), you may use the ReStart option to request removal of one or more of your previously completed CoE academic sessions (i.e. semesters or winter/summer enrollments) from future grade point averages and degree considerations. 

If you have already graduated from The University of Iowa, you are not eligible to use the ReStart option whether for a second degree, teacher certification, or any other purpose.


The following are required for any CoE student to be eligible for ReStart:

  1. You must not have graduated from The University of Iowa.
  2. You must have had an extended absence from The University of Iowa for at least 4 academic years.
  3. You must be free from any unresolved holds placed on your enrollment by the Registrar or other University offices.
  4. You cannot have previously used the ReStart option.


  1. The student must meet the above eligibility requirements.
  2. CoE’s approval of the student’s petition for the ReStart option is not guaranteed; see the required procedures below for additional information.
  3. All courses taken and credit hours earned during the ReStart sessions will be removed from the permanent record and the transcript will note the withdrawal.
  4. The option applies only to academic sessions a) completed while enrolled in the CoE and b) prior to the extended absence from the University.
  5. The ReStart option does not apply to individual courses, but only to entire sessions.
  6. No tuition will be refunded for sessions included in a ReStart.
  7. The ReStart option cannot be applied to courses taken at another institution.
  8. Semester hours earned in a session covered by the ReStart option will not be counted toward the semester hours required for graduation.
  9. Second-Grade-Only options received during a session under the ReStart option will not be counted toward the limit of 3 SGOs.
  10. Courses previously taken during a ReStart session and repeated after the student returns to UI will not be counted as duplicative or as regressive.
  11. Students may use the ReStart option in the CoE only once.
  12. Once applied, the ReStart option is not reversible. 

Procedures for Requesting ReStart

If you are not currently enrolled at The University of Iowa, you must file an application for re-entry to The University of Iowa before submitting a ReStart application or before requesting a review of your academic records for consideration of the ReStart option. You must meet the published deadlines for admission to the UI.

If you were dismissed from the College of Engineering for not maintaining academic standards, you must meet with an academic advisor in the Student Development Center, 3612 Seamans Center, to discuss reinstatement and the ReStart option. 

If you are currently enrolled in CoE or in any other undergraduate college within The University of Iowa and would like to complete your degree within CoE, you must submit the ReStart petition form, along with a personal statement addressing the problems you encountered in the ReStart semesters and describing your proposed path to degree completion. You must meet the published deadlines for admission to the UI, including reinstatement deadlines.

The ReStart option is not guaranteed. It may be granted only after careful consideration and review of your academic record by the Associate Dean for Academic Programs.

For more information about CoE ReStart, please contact the Student Development Center, 3612 Seamans Center.