How to reserve a desk cycle

  1. Load the ESAC Wellness calendar on your Outlook
    1. Open Outlook calendar.
    2. Choose “add calendar” (the plus sign).
    3. Choose “from address book”.
    4. With Offline Global Address List selected from the dropdown menu on the right, type in “res-engr-esac-well”.
    5. Click “calendar” so it adds to the text box at the bottom.
    6. Click “ok”. 
    7. The calendar should be added to the list of shared calendars. You can view it by checking the box to the left of the calendar name.
  2. Create a “New Meeting” and invite the resource
    1. Sign up for a maximum 75 minute time slot per day.
    2. Creating a new meeting.
    3. Enter your first and last names in the Title.
    4. Invite “res-engr-esac-well”.
    6. You should see your time slot added on the calendar AND get a confirmation email with information from Risk Management. 
  3. Only two reservations may be created for any given time because we only have two desk cycles. Do not create a third reservation that overlaps with two existing reservations!


How to check out a desk cycle

  1. Bring your OneCard to the front desk at the Engineering Library to check out a key.
  2. Take your key to 2001G, the small storage room next to the library near the newspaper racks.
  3. Choose a desk cycle and, if you would like, a binder with instructions. It is recommended that you take a binder at least the first time you check out a desk cycle. 
  4. Use the cart to transport the desk cycle back to your desk. Please return the cart immediately if there is another reservation at the same time as yours.


How to use the desk cycle

User manual


What to do if you are injured using a desk cycle

If you are injured while using a desk cycle, including any injury sustained while moving the desk cycle between the storage area and your work location, please report your injury by completing the electronic First Report of Injury form found in UI Self Service.  From the Self Service dashboard, click on the Benefits & Wellness tile, then scroll down to the Workers Compensation heading and you will find the electronic form listed there.  The College of Engineering Human Resources team will be notified of the completed form.

If you need medical care as a result of your injury, please seek treatment at the UI Employee Health Cliniclocated at 2591 Holiday Road, Coralville (at UI Health Care – Holiday Road).  The clinic is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  Please call 319-356-3335 to schedule an appointment prior to arriving at the clinic.  If you need medical care outside of clinic hours, please seek treatment at the UIHC Emergency Room.

More information about the Workers Compensation process may be found at


UI Wellness: 29 ways to stay active at your desk

1-page handout


Responses to comments submitted during ESAC's fall 2018 wellness survey

We welcome any staff interested in wellness to join the ESAC Wellness Committee so we can work together to bring more wellness initiatives to the college. These initiatives can be building-specific! Please contact

Thank you to everyone who completed our wellness survey in fall 2018. Below are our responses to the anonymous questions and comments that were submitted.

  1. UI Research Park/Oakdale campus should have a university fitness center.

We agree and passed on this feedback to UI Wellness! UI Wellness told ESAC Wellness Committee that the university determined several years ago that the smaller number of staff, faculty, and students at UI Research Park did not justify the space and cost when considering the fitness facilities nearby. Please check the discounted rate options at local fitness facilities here:

Also feel free to contact UI Recreational Services to voice your support for a UI fitness center at UI Research Park:, and your email will get forwarded to the appropriate person.

  1. I want a sleep pod at NADS.

The SC napping pods were a student initiative proposed to the Dean’s office. They are too expensive to be part of the ESAC budget, but we encourage NADS to submit a proposal for one.

  1. I’m concerned that exercise equipment will distract coworkers.

Desk cycles are very quiet. We were also considering a treadmill, to be placed in a separate room from regular work spaces, but treadmills are priced beyond what a UI Wellness Grant could fund.

  1. Give standing desks to all who want one.

We would love to, but standing desks are far too expensive for a UI Wellness Grant and the ESAC budget. Standing desks are a department purchase decision. Talk to your college HR rep if you have a medical reason for a standing desk or any other working accommodation.

  1. Offer noon stretching or yoga.

We would love your help to organize stretching or yoga. Please contact us!

  1. Make trial equipment available.

Unfortunately, trial equipment aren’t available.

  1. How much space will it take up?

The desk cycle fits under a desk. Dimensions are approximately 24” long, 20” wide, and 12” tall.

  1. I want standing boards or mats to encourage balance and movement.

This will be a great idea as standing desks become more common in the College of Engineering. If standing desks are already common in your unit or building, you could consider applying for a UI Wellness Grant. ESAC Wellness Committee will happily offer our guidance and support in your application based on our experience successfully applying for a UI Wellness Grant; please contact us at

  1. Concern about public/outward facing staff no being allowed to use desk cycles

Dean Scranton supports the desk cycle initiative and sent a college-wide email to encourage their use.