The purpose of the Engineering Graduates of the Last Decade (eGOLD) Board is to

  • Reconnect, re-engage, and encourage lifelong connections with our recent engineering alumni.
  • Strengthen relationships with recent graduates and encourage their continued involvement in support of the College via programs, events, and communications geared toward their interests.
  • Give counsel to the College on matters of concern to recent alumni and provide guidance from a recent alumni perspective.
  • Serve as ambassadors of the College through their leadership, enabling the College to connect more meaningfully with its recent graduates across the country and throughout the world.

Read our bylaws to learn more.


Alexandria Ballard
BSE 2018 Electrical Engineering
Systems Engineer
Collins Aerospace
Cedar Rapids, IA

Jesslyn Coghlan
BSE 2019 Mechanical Engineering

Systems Engineer

Collins Aerospace

North Liberty, Iowa

Paul Flanders
BSE 2020 Chemical Engineering
Process Engineer
Procter & Gamble
Iowa City, IA

Nicholas Gerwe
BSE 2015 Mechanical Engineering

Program Manager


San Francisco, California

Loden Henning
BSE 2020 Industrial Engineering

Systems Engineer


Seattle, Washington

Abdualrahman Ismail
BSE 2017 Mechanical Engineering

Business Analyst

McKinsey & Co.

Chicago, Illinois

Jacob Kirpes
BSE 2013 Industrial Engineering

Business Strategist and Engineer

TPG Companies

West Des Moines, Iowa

Ang Liu
BSE 2014 Civil Engineering

Structural Engineer

Barber & Hoffman

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Daniel Murphy
BSE 2020 Civil Engineering

Civil EIT

Kimley-Horn & Associates

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Eric Pahl
2015 Biomedical Engineering

Co-Founder & CTO

OmniLife, Inc.

Lexington, Kentucky

Akshay Patel
BSE 2019 Industrial Engineering

Commercial Strategy Analyst

Cresco Labs

, Illinois

Yashila Permeswaran
BSE 2017, MSE 2019 Electrical & Computer Engineering

Full-Stack Developer

Woodridge Software

Denver, Colorado

Christopher Pinkham
BSE 2018 Biomedical Engineering

Mechanical Design Engineer


St. Paul, Minnesota

Riley Post, chair
BSE 2010, MSE 2011 Civil Engineering

PhD student

University of Iowa

Iowa City, Iowa

Allison Rowe
BSE 2020 Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer

Design Engineers

Madison, Wisconsin

Joshua Schirm
BSE 2015 Biomedical Engineering

Strategic Accounts Director


Coralville, Iowa

Katherine (Lindaman) Steele
BSE 2013 Industrial Engineering, MBA 2019, MS Business Analytics 2019

Senior Consultant


San Francisco, California

Scott Tentinger
BSE 2016 Chemical Engineering

Instrumentation & Controls Associate

Sargent & Lundy

Chicago, Illinois

Heng-Wei (David) Tsai
BSE 2015, MSE 2017 Civil Engineering

Civil Engineer

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Rock Island,

Samantha Westerhof
BSE 2013 Chemical Engineering

Maintenance Manager