Engineering Connection is a college-wide mentorship program designed to connect current University of Iowa engineering students with University of Iowa engineering alumni, developed and maintained by the Engineering Graduates of the Last Decade (eGOLD) Board. As mentors and mentees in this program, you will take part in a practice that has led to the success of countless people in a variety of fields—from Socrates who mentored Plato, to Maya Angelou who mentored Oprah Winfrey. Mentorship will undoubtedly help you learn and grow not only as an engineer, but as a person, and may impact you in ways you have yet to discover.

As the eGOLD Board, our goals for Engineering Connection are to empower mentors and mentees to: 

  • Identify and achieve career development and personal growth goals
  • Create opportunities to meet and network with others 
  • Foster higher levels of engagement and career vision

As part of Engineering Connection, mentors and mentees should comply with the following expectations: 

  • Meet with your mentor/mentee at least once during the fall, winter, and spring sessions
  • Create development goals and set reasonable timelines to achieve them
  • Establish a trusting relationship; keep confidential information private
  • Discuss topics concerning personal and professional growth that meets the individual’s goals
  • Hold one another accountable for feedback and action items
  • Provide expectations you will have of your mentor/mentee regarding the specific type of support and investment that will be necessary
  • Discuss specifics on communication and the nature of the advisement relationship
  • Set next steps after each meeting, including future meetings and growth work

Thank you for your interest in Engineering Connection!