The Student Success Workshops are offered throughout the semester. All students are welcome to attend. Registration is not required, but by registering you will receive a calendar invitation, virtual log-in information (if applicable) and reminders. You can also sign in to Zoom workshops using this link.

Please contact Justine Hines, Assistant Director of Academic Support, at with any questions.

The Fall 2024 workshop schedule will be posted by Friday, August 30. 

If you have additional topics you would like to see offered, please contact Justine Hines, Assistant Director of Academic Support, at

So Much to Do, So Little Time: Time Management Strategies for Academic Success

Learn about tools to create effective time management plans and to recognize how your academic success is affected by time management. Presented by Academic Support and Retention.

Bouncing Back in Times of Stress: Resiliency

Learn about bouncing back from situations that do not go as planned and set a path towards success. Presented by Academic Support & Retention.

Reflecting on Your Learning: Refine Your Study Strategies Now

This session will provide a structured opportunity to reflect on your semester and evaluate how effective you were with your learning so far. You will then identify specific steps and strategies you can use for the rest of the semester to accomplish your academic goals. Presented by Learning at Iowa.

Managing Anxiety

This workshop is designed to help students learn to better manage their anxiety by utilizing a variety of tools and strategies that they can implement in their daily lives. Presented by University Counseling Service.

Managing Distress

Distress tolerance is the ability to manage distressing emotions and effectively move through stressful situations in an effective manner. In this workshop we will discuss and practice specific coping skills that you can use when experiencing stress, anxiety or being overwhelmed.  These emotions are a normal part of life, and we will discuss creating healthy habits to plan for potential stressful situations in your life.

Mindfulness 101

In this workshop, students will be able to define mindfulness & mindfulness meditation practice, understand why it’s helpful, and learn new meditations to cope with stress. Presented by UI Wellness.

Taking Care: Tips & Tricks to Feel Well

Join Student Wellness and learn about ways to incorporate positive health behaviors in to your daily routine.

What is Student Disability Services (SDS)?

In this workshop you will learn more about SDS and what we do.  You will learn about different types of disabilities; the application process; common accommodations; our academic support programs; and how we may be able to help you.

Money Management: Budgeting and Financial Aid

This session will provide you with tools to begin budgeting as a college student and plan for future expenses. We will also cover basics of financial aid how to navigate the financial aid process. Presented by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Finding Your Fit - Why Engineering?

This workshop is focused on providing students with a process and resources to "find their fit" within an engineering major and career path. We will look at some online resources, consider current opportunities, and wrap things up by exploring how alumni outreach can aid students in their career choices.

Psychology for Engineers: How to Solve Problems

This session will discuss how to use cognitive science to better approach problem solving. We will draw on Learning at Iowa’s Three Ms, mindset, metacognition, and memory, to understand how to be more efficient at solving a variety of problems.

Utilizing the Campus Food Pantry

Explore the vital role of our campus food pantry in addressing student basic needs at Iowa and the impact it has on our overall well-being. Presented by the Dean of Students Office.

Chronological Order of Workshops