GOAL: To create an environment in which all members of the collegiate community—students, staff, and faculty—are welcomed, supported, and able to thrive.


Design and implement equitable policies and practices that ensure everyone can thrive.

1. Review current college policies, practices, and communication channels, using lenses from established DEI research,  to ensure they are both transparent and equitable. 

2. Participate in university-wide DEI efforts (faculty, staff, and students).  Work with other colleges to establish shared best practices and support coordinated efforts (workshops, minors, certificates, etc.).

3. Ensure that administrators, faculty, and staff are accountable for implementing equitable practices. 

4. Create more opportunities for student, staff, and faculty feedback throughout the college.

5.Conduct exit interviews of students, staff, and faculty.


Create and sustain an inclusive and collaborative community that fosters a sense of belonging.

1. Educate and train students, faculty, staff, and administrators on inclusive learning experiences.

2. Organize, support, and promote DEI-centric workshops, events, and recognition.

3. Expand mentoring, engagement, and on-boarding programs for students, staff, and faculty.

4. Assess, redesign, and reengineer organizational structures and processes to promote teamwork, collaboration, cross-functional operations, and transparency.  


Diversify student, faculty, staff, and leadership populations.

1. Invest in and develop best practices for recruiting that will increase the diversity of  students, faculty, and staff populations.

2. Collect, analyze, and share demographic data, as appropriate, with faculty, staff, and students at least annually.

3. Develop policies and procedures that hold search and graduate committees accountable for the diversity of applicant and short-list pools, as compared to availability pools.

4. Improved retention and promotion of underrepresented faculty and staff.

We can meet our diversity, equity, inclusion, and community goal if we create and sustain an inclusive and equitable environment and recruit, retain, and advance a diverse student body, staff, and faculty.