The College of Engineering's 19th Annual Research Open House will by held on Friday, April 15th

We encourage undergraduate and graduate students to participate. The competition is open to all visitors, including student researchers from any College or University.

How is this going to work? This year, instead of a poster, students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation and a three-minute video highlighting their research, in the style of a Three Minute Thesis presentation. On the day of Research Open House, students will interact with judges via Zoom at their scheduled time. Judges will score the presentations online via RocketJudge. Presentation materials will also be available on the Research Open House website for the general public to view.


Registration this year is a two step process:


Registration is closed.


Submit a 10-slide PowerPoint, three-minute video, and Zoom link. Deadline: midnight on November 1, 2020. 

  1. Approximately one week after registration closes, you will receive an official notification with your scheduled presentation time.
  2. You will then create a Zoom meeting based on your time slot and provide the link by submitting it below.
  3. You will create a 10-slide PowerPoint Presentation, based on your research, which you will present to the judges in real time via Zoom on the day of Virtual Research Open House. This presentation should be no more than 15 minutes long - up to 10 minutes for the presentation, and 5 minutes for questions.
  4. You will create a three-minute video to highlight your research. This should be done in the style of a Three Minute Thesis/Elevator Pitch presentation. The judges will also view the video and part of your score will be based on the video, and the video will be on the website for the public audience to view. 
  5. Please scroll down for more detailed information about guidelines for your presentation materials.

Submissions are closed


Event Day Protocol and Judging Guidelines

  1. Log into your Zoom room at your scheduled time. You may have others from your research team with you to help manage technical details.
  2. You will have two judges. The judges will introduce themselves. You may also have other audience members interested in your research join the Zoom meeting. Judges may log in at the same time, or different times. It's likely you can expect a judge(s) at the beginning of your hour, and then perhaps 30 minutes later, as each judge has two student presentations to watch and they will likely allot 30 minutes per student.
  3. Present your PowerPoint presentation to the judges. This presentation should be no more than 15 minutes long - up to 10 minutes for the presentation, and 5 minutes for questions
  4. The judges will also watch your three-minute videos, preferably before they join your meeting. 
  5. The PowerPoint and video will both be available on the ROH website, and via the judging materials provided by RocketJudge directly to the judges. In addition to the required 10-slide PowerPoint presentation, presenters are allowed (strictly optional) an additional 5 slides to have on hand during the time they interact with their judges on Zoom.
  6. Judging will be based on the 3MT materials (50%) plus the live meeting discussion between the judge and presenter (50%).


PowerPoint Guidelines and Resources

Create a PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 slides.Your three-minute video will be based on this presentation.  You will upload this PowerPoint at the link listed above.

Your PowerPoint presentation should contain the information you would have put in a poster, just presented in a different style. As an example, headings may include, but are not limited to, any or all of the following: Introduction, Research Question/Hypothesis, Methods and Data Collection, Data Presentation/Findings. Conclusion, and Literature Review .

How to Make a PPT Presentation from a Research Paper

Present your Research Project in 10 Simple Slides


YouTube Video Upload Guidelines


Your video link will be published on the Research Open House website. The "public" settings means anybody can find it on YouTube through search results, and "unlisted" means it can only be located if the viewer has the link. Either choice is ok, because the judges will receive the links and the College of Engineering students, staff and faculty will receive the links directly so they can attend sessions of interest on the day of the event.


Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Video Resources

Your video should be three minutes long and should be done in the style of a Three-Minute Thesis. The video should be uploaded to YouTube only. You can submit the YouTube video link as directed above.

You can get creative - your video can be a voice-over of your PPT, but we also encourage videos of yourself presenting the research as a short three-minute lecture/pitch with or without showing the PPT.

U of Iowa Grad College 3MT resources - watch recorded workshops on Pitching Your Research, Engaging Your Audience, and Prepare Your Presentation!

Georgia Tech's Three MInute Thesis Competition 

Presentation Zen - Making a Presentation in 3 Minutes

3MT Competition at the University of Iowa

3MT Virtual Competitor Guide

UCalgary 3MT Competition


Zoom Meeting Room Guidelines

Each presenter must create a Zoom link for their scheduled presentation time, and upload that link along with the PPT presentation and the video (submit button is above for these items). Do NOT set a password.

You are welcome to have other research team members with you during your presentation time to help monitor your Zoom room. Please keep security in mind for your Zoom settings. There are some resources below to help. 

Instructions on Securing Zoom Meetings

Guide on Preventing Zoombombing

Zoom How-To Guides

Zoom Support


Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Kristina Venzke in advance at 319-335-5614 or