Key Takeaways

The are a number of drivers of change in high education

  • Early education
  • Demographics
  • Changing nature of work
  • Iron triangle (affordability, accessibility, excellence)
  • Needs and capabilities
  • Science and technology of education

Georgia Tech established a Commission on Creating the Next in Education

  • A commitment to lifetime education
  • Establishing new initiatives
    • Whole person education
    • New products and services
    • Advising for a new era
    • AI and personalization
    • Distributed world-wide presence
  • Established a culture of becoming deliberately innovative

 COVID-19 crisis led to several lessons:

  • Remote delivery: the experience
  • Graduate education is very different
  • The nature of office work is changed forever: sort of
  • Higher education has a too narrow revenue stream
  • It is time to think out of the box

Ideas for the future:

  • Increase enrollment by changing delivery, using technology and offering a menu of products.
  • Increase MS degrees – online with quality
  • Grow professional programs of all types
  • Create applied research labs that focus and manage the inspiration of faculty – writ large
  • Change employment models so that industry and universities can SHARE talent to the advantage of all.
  • Embrace the concept of the university as an economic development model at all levels.
  • Get directly involved in K-12 education and 2-year programs.
  • Insist on accountability but keep politics out!