Iowa Engineer Magazine is published by the University of Iowa College of Engineering. It is distributed to all University of Iowa Engineering alumni and friends of the College worldwide.

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2017, No. 2

magazine cover. young child riding his red bike

2017, No. 1

close up of microchips

2016, No. 2

students sitting in round tables using their laptops

2016, No. 1

pants pocket full of flags


man holding a clam shell and smiling


students studying in the engineering building at tables facing the large window

2014, No. 2

a student and professor talking to each other at a round table

2014, No. 1

cgi man holding a birthday cake that has a 40 candle in it

2013, No. 3

man with red hat laying on top of a curved piece of metal

2013, No. 2

road. cover of magazine that says "where the rubber meets the simulated road".

2013, No. 1

close up of small piece of plastic

2012, No. 3

man standing next to a field of vines

2012, No. 2

man standing next to a large brown leather chair

2012, No. 1

man laying on his back on top of a bicycle

2011, No. 2

several men standing in front of a windmill

2011, No. 1

man with glasses looking at a large computer

Second Quarter 2010--issue not available

blurry screenshoot of a file

First Quarter 2010--issue not available

iowa online engineer

Fourth Quarter 2009--issue not available

iowa engineer online

2008, No. 2

man looking at abstract colorful objects

2008, No. 1

woman looking at a reflection of herself in a rippling puddle of water

2007, No. 2

man holding a metal star-shaped object

2007, No. 1

man in suit and tie standing in front of a fake cgi man

2006, No. 1

Man holding beaker

2005, No. 2

man holding up a 3D model of DNA

2005, No. 1

man standing in a hallway


man looking through a metal circle


two people holding mugs full of coffee


man looking at a raindrop


man river aerial


man holding large goggles up to his face

1999, No. 2

bacteria under a microscope

1999, No. 1

dials with numbers on them

1997, No. 2

four beakers filled with dirt and small trees

1997, No. 1

abstract shape made of metal

1996, No. 2

blue cover that reads "nothing focuses the mind like a real and immediate problem"

1996, No. 1

cover that reads "team gives basic research some absorbing applications"


red metal rods


artistic looking angle of blue and red colored metal



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