Preparing for an event can be a factor with how well your robot and team perform at an event, especially a qualifier or championship event. The best way to practice for a tournament is to attend a "non-tournament event", which include scirmmages, workshops or skills driving events"

To prepare your team for an event

  1. Review the Game Manual. It is important to read the game manual several times prior to the event.
  2. Review the FTC Forums. The FTC Q&A Game Forums have the most-up-to-date information about changes to the rules.
  3. Polish the Engineering Portfolio. Is your team documenting their experience properly? If you have any questions or would like to see a great engineering notebook, check out the Engineering Portfolio page.
  4. Review the FTC-Iowa Cancellation Policy. This policy details reasons that events may be canceled (weather, illness, etc.)
  5. Iowa Consent form will need to be completed for all coaches, mentors and students of your team.

Hardware Inspections

For easier inspections, teams are to do a self-inspection prior to the event. Teams can download a Hardware & Software Inspection checklist from the Game Manual (Part 2) and bring it to the event and show the inspectors. A complete list of "robot rules" can be found in the Game Manual Part 1.

At the Event

  1. Closed-toe shoes. Students will be asked to change shoes if they are not wearing closed-toe shoes.
  2. Safety glasses. Bring your safety glasses. We cannot provide safety glasses for all of the teams and volunteers.
  3. Print out of consent forms from FIRST Dashboard
  4. Gracious Professionalism. An important aspect of participating in FTC.
  5. Engineering Portfolio.  Don't forget!