Setting up the field elements of HotShot!

Celebrate FTC Iowa's 15th Season!

The 2023-2024 CENTERSTAGE season is FTC-Iowa's 15th Season and its time to celebrate!

Weekly, starting on Monday, we will release a question related to FTC Iowa history. We're going deep into the archives! Answers will be collected through a submission form and then the winner(s) will receive swag from the FTC Iowa vault! That's stuff! 

Week #1: Sept. 11-17, 2023

  • Question: What was the location (city) of the first FTC Iowa kick-off? Bonus question: What is the name of the building the first FTC Iowa Kick-Off was held? 
  • Answer: Iowa City. Bonus question answer: Seamans Center
  • Winner: Ben F.

Week #2: Sept 18-24, 2023

  • Question: What was the location (venue) of the first FTC Iowa Championship? Bonus question: What is the city in where this venue is located?
  • Answer: The Iowa Memorial Union. Bonus question answer: Iowa City, Iowa
  • Winners: Bill M., Jerry L., and Michael F.

Week #3: Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2023

  • Question: What year was the first season of qualifier tournaments in Iowa? 
  • Answer: 2011-2012, Bowled Over
  • Winners: Michael F & Ben F.

Week #4: Oct 2-Oct. 8, 2023

  • Question: What month, year was the first North Super Regional held in Iowa? Bonus question: What was the game that season?
  • Answer: April, 2014, Block Party
  • Winners: Bill A & David M.

Week #5: Oct. 9-15, 2023

  • No question

Week #6: Oct. 16-22, 2023

  • Question: How many North Super Regionals events did Iowa host? 
  • Answer: 5
  • Winners: Ben F., Michael F., Dagney P. and Bill M.

Week #7: Oct. 23-29, 2023

  • Question: What year was Iowa's first dual division (48 teams) Iowa Championship?
  • Answer: 2010/2011 Season
  • Winners: no winners

Week #8: Oct. 30-Nov. 5, 2023

  • Question: Which of the following seasons was FTC a scale-up program with the Governor's STEM Advisory Board?
  • Answer: 2012-2013 Ring It Up!; 2014-2015 Cascade Effect!; 2015-2016 ResQ!
  • Winners: Angie B., Ryan N. and Michael F.

Week #9: Nov. 6-12, 2023

  • Question: Prior to the 2023-2024 Season, how many State of Iowa counties have or had an FTC team?
  • Answer: 80 unique counties

Week #10: Nov. 13-19, 2023

  • Question: From the first season through the 2022-2023 season, how many unique team numbers have been used in FTC Iowa?  
  • Answer: 462 unique teams

Nov. 20-26, 2023

No question due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Week #11: Nov. 27-Dec. 3, 2023

  • Question: What is the largest number of teams FTC Iowa has had in one season?
  • Answer: 213 teams

Week #12: Dec. 4-10, 2023

  • True or False: Because of a winter storm, in the span of 12 hours, FTC Iowa cancelled an event, was able to secure a new venue, and transported all of the field elements to the new venue and hosted a tournament. 

Dec. 11-17, 2023

No question

Week #13: Dec. 18-24, 2023

  • Question: How many unique states and districts have participated in an FTC Iowa event?
    • Note #1: This number does not count teams from Iowa or Nebraska.
    • Note #2: This number DOES include teams who participated in the North Super Regional and/or the remote events.
  • Answer: 20 States + China

Dec. 25-31, 2023

No question due to the holiday.

Week #14: Jan. 1-7, 2024

  • What year did Woodie Flowers attend the Iowa Championship? 
  • Answer: 2010-2011
  • Winner: Michael F.

Week #15: Jan. 8-21, 2024

  • How many total events did FTC Iowa host in its initial season? Hint #1: the season goes from May 1, 2009-April 30, 2010. Hint #2: An event is not only a competition. 
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