Double Major in Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Students may earn a double major in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. Students must satisfy all requirements of the EE major with electrical interest and all requirements of the CSE major. A double major in EE and CSE may be achieved with as few as six additional courses. The following list shows the required courses that are not common between the EE and CSE majors. In addition, it shows how each course may be used to satisfy an elective of the other major. In addition to the courses below, students will need to take one 5000-level course in ECE and one additional 5000-level course that is cross-listed in ECE and computer science.

course number course name cousre prerequisite
CSE:1210 Computer Science I: Fundamentals (required for CSE, EE substitute for ENGR:110)
ECE:3330 Introduction to Software Design: (required for CSE, EE EFA)
ECE:3350 Computer Architecture and Organization (required for CSE, EE EFA)
CS:2210 Discrete Structures (required for CSE, EE EFA)
CS:2230 Computer Science II: Data Structures (required for CSE)
CS:3330 Algorithms (required for CSE)
CS:3820 Programming Language Concepts (required for CSE)
ECE:3540 Communication Networks (required for CSE, EE breadth elective)
CS:3620 Operating Systems (required for CSE)
  CS Elective (required for CSE)
  CS Theory Elective (required for CSE, EE depth elective if satisfied with 5000 level EE course from CS theory list)
  EE depth elective (required for EE, CS theory elective if 5000 level EE course selected from CS theory list)
ECE:3400 Linear Systems II (required for EE, CSE ECE elective)  
ECE:3410 Electronic Circuits (required for EE, CSE EFA)         
ECE:3500 Communication Systems (required for EE)
ECE:3600 Control Systems (required for EE)
ECE:3720 Semiconductor Devices (required for EE)
ECE:3700 Electromagnetic Theory (required for EE)
MATH:3550 Engineering Mathematics V: Vector Calculus (required for EE)
PHYS:2704 Physics IV* (required for EE)

*Students enrolled before Fall 2021 may substitute Thermodynamics for PHYS:2704 Physics IV by filling out a course substitution form.