Course code title
CS: 4330 Theory of Computation
CS: 4350 Logic of Computer Science
CS: 4720 Optimization Techniques
CS: 5340 Limits of Computation
CS: 5360 Randomized Algorithms
CS: 5370 Computational Geometry
CS: 5430 Machine Learning
CS: 5620 Distribution Systems and Algorithms
CS: 5810/ ECE: 5810 Formal Methods in Software Engineering
ECE: 5330 Graph Algorithms
ECE: 5450 Machine Learning (formally called Pattern Recognition)
ECE: 5520 Information Theory and Coding
ECE: 5525 Cryptography
CS: 4980 Topics in CS II only when offered as Cryptography
CS: 5850 Programming Language Foundations
CS: 5860 Lambda Calculus and Applications