A project-based group sponsored by the Virginia A. Myers NEXUS of Engineering and the Arts in the College of Engineering. The organization will provide opportunities for Engineering students to explore the intersection of the Arts, Engineering, and the Sciences through cross-disciplinary, collaborative projects involving their love of Engineering and the Arts. Projects can also provide Engineering students an opportunity to work with students from other disciplines and with the public. The organization works out of the NEXUS Studio located in 2313 Seamans Center and will meet bi-monthly and as needed for projects. The office is open most afternoons and drop-ins are welcome.  The goal is that students with skills and interests in all of the arts will find a place to continue their interests as well as find ways to enhance their Engineering perspectives.  

How to join: Contact nexusartineers.uiowa@gmail.com

Current officer information: https://uiowa.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/artineers


Faculty Advisor: John Kostman